{welcome} nice to meet you!

I am beyond excited for the launch of Marry Me Lovely – it has been a dream of mine to see a blog dedicated to Long Island brides looking for a unique and creative approach to their wedding planning.  To assure you are in good company, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself…

Three years ago I graduated with a degree in advertising and marketing and was working at a hedge fund in NYC.  I was always an art student, even attending an art driven college, but somehow I found myself in the financial world.  Realizing I was making a mistake, I sought out something creative, someplace I could work with my hands, perhaps in the event industry…

“Relax and take a deep breath” Heidi Lauber, owner of Sugar Magnolias said to me on the day of my interview for the position as her assistant.  I wanted nothing more than to be her right hand woman.  Since then, I have seen her coach countless brides through the planning of their flower choices.  Sugar Magnolias is a floral event studio in Stony Brook, on Long Island.  Heidi plans and creates all of the bouquets and arrangements and I prepare the flowers and set up each wedding.  I love every minute of it.

I adore the moments I catch throughout a couple’s big day.  Once, on site at a Northport park, I recall the first time a bride and groom saw one another.  As I handed off bouquets to the bridesmaids, the photographer feverishly snapped pictures of the groom, and his bride snuck up behind him sweetly.  I remember the groom whose hands shook nervously as he showed me the ring he got for his bride.  As I pinned his boutonniere on his lapel, he said,  “it’s the one she wanted, but she thought it was too much.  I went back and got it for her”.

The design knowledge that Heidi has far surpasses anything else I’ve seen in the industry here on Long Island – which is why she makes a terrific mentor for me.  She knows what aspects of the wedding a bride should concentrate on and keeps the girls on track when it comes to selecting seasonal flowers within a budget.  Every arrangement that leaves the studio is as breathtaking as the last, no matter what the bride has spent.

The wedding industry has certainly taken on a different shape, even from when I first started at Sugar Magnolias.  The popularity of blogging has shed new light on party planning all over the country; the creation of personalized weddings has become most sought after.  However, the movement has been slow to get started on Long Island where tradition and packaged deals have triumphed for decades.  Those who work independently in the industry struggle to compete with large generic companies while craving a bit of creative freedom.

While planning my own recent wedding, I found the resources to be limited regarding an event that was different and reasonable at the same time.  I wasn’t trying to go against the grain, I simply wanted a wedding personalized to our taste; something that wasn’t “one size fits all”, nor did we want to break the bank.  How do you host a wedding a year after purchasing your first home?  Can we do it without throwing an engagement party?  How and where do you find a dress 5 months before the big day?

By contributing to Marry Me Lovely, I  hope that my postings can help with some of that.  Please check back for future postings!