{inspired love} it’s lovely weather…

The temperature has dropped significantly, sweaters are back in the closet and  snow’s been in the forecast on and off for weeks.  There is no doubt winter has officially arrived and for brides getting married this time of year, there is a whole new canvas of inspiration to work from.  Winter greens, creams and burgundy, velvet and lace – winter brides enjoy the warmth from being cozy inside and away from the cold, rather than a warm mid-summer’s day.  The four seasons on Long Island are proof that a bride can have a beautiful day no matter what month she chooses.

Marry Me Lovely wants all our brides-to-be to take the next few weeks off (unless of course, you are getting married this month!).  It’s time to finish the wrapping, the baking, the stressing over wedding details.  Leave work on time for once.  Shut off the cell phone.  Cuddle up on the couch with a nice cup of tea and relaxAhhhh, isn’t that better?

And while you take some time for yourself, Marry Me Lovely will be getting ready to make 2011 an amazing year.  We. Are. So. Excited. 

Wishing everyone the happiest Holidays and a fantastic New Year!  xoxo