{it’s a lovely day} for a birthday!

cake by Leanne’s Specialty Cakes / photo credit: Christina Bohn


One year ago today Heidi, Christina and I launched Marry Me Lovely.  Just as this first year flew by, from day one things moved quickly.  All starting with the idea to actually launch a site for Long Island brides, deciding what exactly we were going to call it and then of course, producing content.  I remember getting an email from Heidi that read: ‘write on, girlie!’ – and that was it, we were live.  We balance updating Marry Me Lovely with working in the actual industry, which means a combination of unique content and completely local inspiration.  All we could hope was that someone other than our families and friends would be reading…

Which is why there is no greater joy than meeting a bride who tells you they’ve looked at your website, even receiving emails from brides wanting more information on a particular place or vendor they’ve discovered on the site.  When the vendors themselves are grateful for being featured,  or our fabulous ‘real brides’ setting aside time from their busy schedules to write about their weddings, feeling honored for the opportunity.

I would also like to give an enormous, personal thank you to Heidi and Christina – two absolutely amazing women I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.  The energy of having both talents under one roof is truly something to witness and my own personal inspiration.

Marry Me Lovely will keep growing – we can promise you that – just keep sending love and support our way.  Don’t they always say the first year is the hardest?  Wait, does that apply to blogging or marriage?