{marry me loves} local sweet spots: butta’ cakes

One of the best parts about being in the wedding industry is that you get to experience so much of it first hand.  Last weekend I visited WellWed Magazine’s Wedding Affair in Greenport at the very lovely Brecknock Hall.  First, I was excited to finally catch a glimpse of the venue (gorgeous, BTW).  Secondly, I met a lot of great, talented vendors – third – I literally ate about 5 cupcakes from different bakeries.  Luckily, many were mini versions, or shared with my sister, so I’m not feeling too guilty.  I’m going to post about each yummy experience seperately – I don’t want cause any sugar rushes!

(photo credit: W Studios NY via  WellWed )

I’ve heard a lot about Butta’ Cakes in Greenport through the grape vine.  Heidi spends a lot of time in the area, so when I mentioned to her that I finally got my hands on one of their cupcakes, she was quite jealous (even though she hasn’t ever brought me back one, psshh…).  The cupcake I speak of was coconut – both buttercream and cake.  It was the last one of the day and my sister and I were seriously considering not having it but oh, so glad we did!

Cupcakes just have that unexplainable draw; parhaps it’s the mixture of nostalgia and playfulness that is hard to resist for today’s more laid back weddings – everyone is craving a touch of whimsy and fun and cupcakes do the job perfectly (I know I couldn’t resist for my own).  Butta’ Cakes gets high marks from me not just on amazing taste, but I also enjoy a more old-fashion approach to decorating.  The cake had a great density and the buttercream was less buttery, more creamy – that’s a pretty perfect cupcake in my book.  Plus, I just adore that this sweet ‘cupcake factory’ is owned and operated by a local dude, Marc Lamaina.

(photo courtesy of MisterChips via Flickr.com)

Without a doubt I will be making my way out there again this summer, this time to visit the shop; maybe have a little lunch (something else I heard they do amazingly) and try some more cupcakes so I can (clears throat) report back to you – anything for you ladies, ya know? he he he.