{vintage love} old family wedding photos

My father recently discovered old photographs of my family and sent me this one of my great-grandparents.   Charles and Mary were my Pappou’s (Greek for grandpa) parents and were immigrants from Greece.  They were married in New York City in 1915 and settled there after – my Pappou grew-up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Two things strike me immediately – my great-grandfather’s dapper mustache and my great-grandmother’s bridal cap.

A wedding photo represents so much; it signifies the beginning of a life together and the lives that will be created.  It’s so intriguing to think I am a descendant of this couple, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting.  They came here to make a better life, more for their children then even their own.  I’m also happy that it opened up dialog to learn more about my history – it is too important not to know.

Wouldn’t you just love to see more vintage photos? We would LOVE for our Marry Me Lovely readers to submit old wedding photos of their own families – it might even give you a chance to learn more about your own past.  Email us at info@marrymelovely.com!