{inspiration} ice cream wedding cake, anyone?

I’d be lying if I said that this heatwave hasn’t allowed my mind to wander to the idea of serving ice cream cake at a wedding.  I’m not too sure how it would all be possible – but i’m certain (kinda) that it could be done!  My mom has been making ice cream cakes for family occasions (non-professionally of course) for the past two years.  Although each of her four children are now over the age of 16, we continually request it for our birthdays (don’t judge, you’d want one too).  The recipe basically consists of melting ice cream in a spring form pan – crumbled Oreo cookies are used for a crust, crunchies and chocolate syrup as a layer between two flavors and a whipped cream topping.  Can we say, YUM?  Wouldn’t mind gettin’ a piece of that right now…

Anyway, ice cream can be served at your wedding in multiple ways – not just in cake form.  As we’ve featured on Marry Me Lovely, you can have a liquid nitrogen infused  ice cream bar like Beth & Alban did at their wedding last year.  We’ve also shown you can have have an ice cream truck deliver frozen treats to your guest as with the Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck Co.

Below we’ve included some ice cream eye candy, courtesy of our latest addiction, Pinterest.  Stay cool, lovelies.


 (starting clockwise, to the right: photo 1 – ice cream sandwiches layered to make a tiered-looking cake; photo 2 – a personal ice cream cake for you and your partner to cut into; photos 3 & 4 ice cream cakes can certainly look pretty too; photo 5 – 3 tiers of ice cream cones will certainly wow your guests; photo 6 – nothing sweeter than cutting into a heart-filled ice cream cake!)