{fab friday recap} happy fall, a barbie wedding & other happenings

Happy Fall, Lovelies!

As a fall bride myself, I have sort of a soft spot for weddings that take place this time of year.  We are all totally spoiled to live in a location where the leaves change, the air gets cool and there are plenty of pumpkin patches to invade.  I feel like it is the one season that I embrace whole-heartedly: incorporating copious amounts of pumpkin and apple flavored foods, drinks and dessert into my diet, constantly rotating all of my crocheted items into each outfit and stocking up on mums for the front porch; you could say I’m quite a nerd about it.  Here are a few of my favorite things…what are yours?

(clockwise from top: candy apples via Pinterest; a favorite fall combination of mine – cream, peach and orange roses, red hypericum berry and peach stock via starsmasquerading.tumblr; a rustic barn wedding, sighhh…via Events by Emma; my adorable youngest sister, modeling my other adorable sister’s crocheted bow headband via her Etsy shop Rest a Minute; pretty cream pumpkins photo by Amelia Kay)

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The ‘Real Wedding’ of Barbie & Ken

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this fantastic post on Glamour.com, featuring the ‘real wedding’ of Barbie & Ken – their professional pics, of course.  The imaginative photographer posed the famous couple in the most popular poses today, and even captured the day journalistically, taking photos of all the details.  The second I finished viewing it, I quickly started messaging my sisters – ‘DO YOU HAVE THE BARBIE POLAROIDS??’ – each of my sisters swore the other one had them, so needless to say I can’t show them all.

However, one of my sisters happened to scan one of the photos into the computer and posted it on her Facebook awhile ago.  Basically, my sisters and I were Barbie-obsessed (no shame) when we were younger.  Not in the traditional way, where we would dress them as princesses and then pack it up for the day – no, Barbie attended prom, dated Ken, had a big wedding, moved into her first apartment – I mean, we were detailed.  Barbie’s wedding was quite a bash, and  no detail was overlooked, including the wedding photographer – which was my father’s 1980-something Polaroid camera.  The same Polaroid camera (by-the-way) would be used at my own wedding years later for my guest book (perhaps Barbie was onto something?).  Plus I think it’s a pretty good representation of weddings in the early 90’s and weddings today, no?  (I apologize in advance for the lousy quality of Barbie’s 90’s wedding; i suppose Barbie photography has come a long way since).

(left: Barbie’s 90’s wedding – proof I was destined for the wedding industry? maybe; right: photography by Beatrice De Guigne)

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Samantha Drew Website Sneak Peek

Seriously, SO excited for the site to launch.   While the website and the store are both under construction, get your Samantha Drew fix by following them on Facebook, Twitter and now even Pinterest!

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Christina Bohn‘s Studio at the Greenhouse

O-MY-GOSH – Simply LOVE.  Just get me a stack of books, a hot cup of tea and I just live in there.

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Two Things at Sugar Magnolias


We have David Austen Roses in the studio for a bride’s bouquet this weekend (the sweetest bride, BTW).  We will have photos of the complete bouquet next week.  I react to David Austen roses the same way people might to a favorite celebrity.  No really, I do.


The Sugar Magnolias infamous praying mantis was back this weekend.  Heidi says that she has had one in her studio every year, this time of year, ever since she opened (that’s 14 years!).  This year I found he/she hanging out under a lamp shade while I was loading for a wedding Saturday morning.  I guess this type of mantis really loves weddings.