{moment in time} the ride to the ceremony

(photography by Christina Bohn, floral design by Sugar Magnolias)

Ok, I am just gonna say it – there are photographers who do photojournalistic photography and then there are those who are truly photojournalists.  No argument that Christina Bohn is a true artist, and this photo is a lovely example of her amazing talent.  Although we can ask photographers for specific photos to be taken at our weddings, it is a shot such as this one that cannot be requested or duplicated.  You are filled with every emotion that could possibly exist in a moment such as this (which is clearly on the way to the ceremony), and I find myself holding my breath each time I look at it.

I look forward to sharing with you this wedding, as well as others in the following months – thanks for being so patient while we were recuperating from a very happy, beautiful and successful 2011 wedding season!