{engaged!} kait & eamonn

There is just something about springtime in NYC.  As Long Islanders, we have the greatest city in the world right in our own backyard, so when we need a break from sprawling space and beaches (which, let’s be honest, is hard to break from) we head the to city that never sleeps.  A personal favorite part of mine is the Village.  Once you get past 14th Street, it occurs to you exactly how historic, peaceful, and lovely New York really is.  The streets stop following a gridded path.  Old buildings and cobblestone streets becomes more apparent.  Cafe’s and restaurants expand seating to the sidewalks.

That, I assume, is why Kait and Eamonn chose it for their engagement shoot.  The village just screams romance – or maybe it’s all those Woody Allen movies I am so fond of – and the sweetness of this couple pours from every shot.  Knowing Christina Bohn, I am sure she loved doing this shoot just as much, as she is totally a city girl at heart.  Enjoy, and congrats to Kait & Eamonn!