{i’m glad it’s your birthday} happy birthday to you!

Today is the birthday of a woman who hates making a fuss of it, but is deserving of a fuss, nonetheless.  Fearless, fun and incredibly compassionate, she thinks I am easy-going and not easily ruffled, not knowing that she is, in a huge part, the reason I am that way when I am with her.

The day we met, we had no idea how much both our lives would change over the course of just 5 short years.  We had both stepped out of our comfort zones when she hired me as her assistant – she had never hired outside of her circle, and I knew absolutely nothing about flowers and the wedding industry.  Looking back, I can imagine the fear she felt taking on a new assistant, having to train someone in all the ways of caring and preparing flowers, delivering and setting up weddings.  Friends and family rallied around her to get me up to speed as fast as possible for the upcoming season, which showed how much those around Heidi care about her.

The list of things we have in common can go on forever, and my favorite day of the week has most definitely become Tuesdays (like yesterday, when we spent half the day with our faces planted in bunches of the most beautiful sweet pea, and the other half with a very sweet bride).

cbohn photography

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I share with you today, the only photo I know Heidi would ever approve of me posting of her on our blog – a photo from my very own wedding.

As we pulled into the venue, I saw the Sugar Magnolias van – the van I had driven to numerous weddings and brides before me.  It was quite surreal seeing the van and knowing it was for MY wedding.  When we pulled up, someone opened the door to the limo immediately – it was Heidi.  Before I could even say anything or start to cry (’cause boy, was I about to) she grabbed me and hugged me.  She hugged me until she knew I felt at ease, without me even telling her.

This year marks the 15 year anniversary of Sugar Magnolias, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind as to why Heidi is made for this business.  It’s her absolute love for each bride and groom that comes through the door of her studio.   The feeling must also be completely mutual, as we are often visited by our married couples.  Then there’s her attention to detail, from choice of colors, specific flowers, and an encyclopedia of knowledge of pretty much every ceremony and reception site on Long Island.

Most of all, it’s her compassion.  Her ability to ease worried brides, and nervous grooms. Compassion that extends from her family, to her friends, and to her clients.  A breeze in the pines and the sun and bright moonlight, lazing in the sunshine, yes indeed…

Happy birthday, Heidi!