{the wedding dress} short & sweet

I am officially at that age where I am averaging a wedding per weekend – and no, I don’t mean work-related.  My days of wedding dress shopping are way behind me (with great relief), but a new conundrum has arrived: needing a dress for almost every wedding I attend this year.  Now, if you’re like my husband, you do not understand the negative impact of wearing a dress multiple times in front of the same people.  It is something I just cannot do.  Same shoes, eh, I can handle.  Dress?  Not in a million years.  Last year I got away with the same dress to three different weddings, only because they were to literally three sets of different friends.  Only one Facebook photo surfaced from two of the weddings, but as far as I know, no one noticed (at least I hope).

I was on Modcloth‘s site recently, scanning through page after page of pretty dresses.  Naturally, wearing white to a wedding that is not yours is a big no-no, but I couldn’t help but zero in on every white, ivory or cream dress and imagine (once again) of that city hall elopement I’ve always dreamed of.  Not every little white dress needs to be city hall-only though.  Plenty of other types of more casual weddings or wedding-related events can easily call for such a style, including but not limited to: bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, beach wedding, backyard wedding, reception-only and, of course, Vegas chapel.  Here’s a round up of some of my favorites, and while you browse and pass judgement on my choices, I’m gonna go back and look for another dress.  For another wedding i am attending.

Left: Gilding Light Dress, $269.99 Right: Romantic to Pacific Dress $47.99

Left: Aisle Be There Dress, $162.99 Right: Winter Waltz Dress, $199.99

Left: Charmed, I’m Shore $137.99 Right: Snow Drop Dress, $249.99