let them eat {really good} cake!

With people like Leanne in the world, you have little excuse for a bad cake.  It’s easy to see Leanne’s creations and assume I mean you need a gorgeous cake – yes, you need that too, but most important is that you need a delicious, mouth-watering, asking for seconds, cake.

So why should you skip the catering hall freebie?  Do you expect your photographer to take all your photos with their phone?  Yea, exactly.

I am Italian, (although I don’t like to throw that around too much these days – thanks, Jersey Shore), and there is one thing my family is a stickler for – the food.  It will not matter what you looked like, what song you walked down the aisle to, what your color scheme was.  They simply remember one thing: what they ate.  Italians aren’t the only ones who appreciate a good meal, and the more weddings I attend, the more I realize it gets a bigger reaction than you’d think.  But considering catering hall food is for the most part pretty standard, the best way to wow your guests is to get them at dessert.

They will walk out of the place in a cake coma.

It’s true.

Leanne’s confectionary creations far exceed exceptions.  People will certainly be stealing slices if someone does not return to the table on time.  You’ll cut the cake, feed each other, and then proceed to devour the top, leaving nothing for your first anniversary.  Want something more unique than just cake?  Don’t even get me started on Leanne’s cake pops.  Sugar cookies bore me – Leanne’s don’t.  Cupcakes?  I’ll take another 5, please.  Where was this woman when I was getting married?

Don’t have any regrets.  Have great cake.

Leanne’s Specialty Cakes
1115 Route 25A, Stony Brook, NY
(by appointment only)