{happy anniversary!} sugar magnolias flowers

sugar magnolias studio

There was a ‘for rent’ sign on the door.  The interior walls were painted Benjamin Moore’s ‘Bridal White’ – a sign?  Perhaps.  She knew this was the perfect home for an idea she had been playing with in her head for years – the idea that wedding flowers should be both fun and personal.

Last Sunday marked Sugar Magnolias‘ 15 year anniversary and it was spent doing what we do best – delivering and setting up a gorgeous wedding.  While trying to find the perfect words to write that could express how momentous 15 years in business means for Heidi, we felt the photos of how the studio looked when she first opened spoke volumes (especially compared to how the shop is today!).

Congrats to Heidi and the Sugar Magnolias family (’cause that’s exactly what we are) and here’s to many more successful years ahead!