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We were head over heals for her wedding and since then, have followed her on Twitter and Instagram, where we can’t get enough of her flawless style.  Through the months we’ve also watched her create stunning custom accessories for many brides, so when we learned that Ashleigh Malangone was launching her own bridal accesories line, we could not be more excited!  We spoke with Ashleigh about her journey into accessory design, and have absolutely fallen for her head pieces, sashes, bouquet wraps, vintage items and more, that are now available in her Etsy shop, Ashleigh Malangone NY!

Q.  Tell us a bit about yourself.

A.  I’m 26 years old and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been enamored with fashion, design and styling.  The creativity of the wedding industry in particular has inspired me to create a line of handmade and vintage accessories focused on the bride and her bridal party.  My passion is to create fun, beautiful accessories and I’m grateful that I’ve found an opportunity to cultivate my ideas and vision through this line.  I’m loving every moment of the journey and so thankful for the support of my wonderful husband and family.

Q.  When did you decide to launch your own bridal accessories line?

A.  I discovered my love for all things bridal while I was planning and designing my own wedding.  My idea to focus on wedding accessories happened quite organically.  I treasured ever aspect of wedding planning but the part I loved most was imagining and creating the little details.  I believe it’s the small touches that make a lasting impression.  Although my bridal sash and hair accessories were already purchased, I began experimenting with handmade accessories by creating my own bouquet wrap and bridesmaid headbands.  Once I began, I knew this was my niche.

My goal is to subtly incorporate my personal style into my designs, but in a way that also allows brides to incorporate these pieces in their unique vision.  It was during college, while interning for Diane von Furstenberg that I first learned to sew in preparation for one of her fashion shows.  Since then, I enrolled in private sewing lessons in NYC to perfect my skills.  I started my business through word of mouth and worked solely on custom designs.  With its success and positive feedback, I felt it was time to expand into a full line that I could offer to all fabulous brides out there!

Q.  Apart from creating things, what do you do?

A.  It’s hard to separate being creative from my everyday life!  Professionally, I am fortunate enough to balance a fantastic job at a luxury brand in NYC with my very own accessories line.  Outside of my professional life, I love to keep up with an array of fashion and interior design blogs, exercise, travel and hang with my husband, family and friends.

Q.  What inspires you?

A.  There are so many things out there that inspire me, but right now it’s vintage treasures that truly spark my creativity.  It could be something as rustic as vintage napkin rings at a flea market or a dazzling jewelry collection at an estate sale.  Also, the materials themselves are always inspiring me.  My mind races with endless concepts when I see a throng of crystals and walls of whimsical fabrics.  I hope this line truly captures my love for sparkles and my vision of vintage charm.

Q.  What are your favorite materials to work with?

A.  My favorite materials are crystals, brooches and all vintage pieces.  Especially when I combine all three into a design, which I am currently doing with a custom design for a bride.  Crystals are always the perfect way to glam up wedding attire.  Even if it’s just a brooch to show off a cinched waist – a bit of sparkle makes such a fabulous statement on your wedding day.  Vintage clutches, handbags and jewelry are always exciting to work with.  The history and heritage of each of these items makes them classic pieces.  It’s this timeless charm that ensures a vintage piece will remain a part of a bride’s wardrobe for many years beyond her wedding day.

Q.  What fashion possession do you most cherish?

A.  Although they are not exactly fashion objects, my wedding rings are by far my most cherished possessions.  They go with me everywhere and they are a warm reminder of how blessed I am.  Outside of that, I would say my most cherished fashion possession is my 1986 vintage Rolex that was a gift from my parents upon my college graduation.  It’s the perfect combination of silver, gold and diamonds and has extra special meaning given that it’s from my birth year.  Like all of my vintage treasures, I love to believe it also lived a happy life with its previous owner.

Q.  Who has been your greatest inspiration?

A.  I have a very creative, entrepreneurial family that has always inspired and encouraged me to attain my dreams and realize my potential.  My dad has always owned a successful business and my mom is the most artistic person I know.  Her love for fashion, antiquing, and design has enthused and influenced me from a very young age and she continues to inspire me everyday.  Additionally, I ‘d have to say, all the women that worked on my wedding.  From my photographer to my make-up to my hairstylists – each are talented, creative and successful entrepreneurs in this business.  They all have been truly supportive as I began to build my business.

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{ clockwise from the top left: Grace Fascinator; Hutton Headband; Fyn Fascinator & Blake Headband }

{ left: Waverley Sash; right: Skylar Sash }

 {clockwise from top left: Tenley Garter; Madison Bracelet; Vintage Clip-on Earrings & Vintage Beaded Bag }