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Laura Mastriano, owner of LA Productions Events, knows how to throw a party.  From weddings, to birthdays and every milestone in-between, there are few people in the industry with the same passion and excitement Laura has for not only each of her events, but her clients too.

In the 15+ years that Laura has been planning and coordinating events of all sizes, she has never had a party in her honor.  Tonight though, her friends at the STUDIO will be celebrating Laura, as well as LA Productions Events new website.

In-between busy weekends and party coordinating, we caught up with Laura to learn more about the woman behind the scenes!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself.

A. I am happily married for more than 15 years and have two amazing children.  I was born, raised and (of course!) currently live on Long Island.  I am loyal, and keep my friends for life, which also applies to my clients.  I don’t like to let them go just because their event is over!  If I am sharing a special, meaningful day with a client, I open my heart to them and treat them like family.  I’m organized, fun-loving, hard-working, have an attention for detail – i’m silly, Swedish fish obsessed, and strive to be the best mom, best wife and best event planner!

Q. We were wondering about the name – how did you come up with name, L.A. Productions Events?

A. While several people may believe there is a Los Angeles reference to the ‘L.A.’, there isn’t!  I have no ties to the city – at least not yet!  L.A. are my initials – my middle name is Ann and my maiden name is Adell.  Because of that, I have been called ‘L-A’ many times throughout my life, but it was when I began working in television that it truly stuck.  Eventually when I decided to become an event coordinator, I add ‘Productions Events’, and my business was born!

Q. Speaking of businesses being born, when did you decide to become an event coordinator?

A. I was encouraged to enter the event field from colleagues of mine in the television industry.  Back in the day, I was a news producer and reporter, but also managed to plan the company parties (and my own wedding).  My TV pals saw something in me that I wasn’t even aware of at the time – the love for making memorable events for others.

Q. Apart from being the greatest planner we know, what do you do?

A. Oh, let’s see – lots of things…between doing fun things for my family (like arranging sleepover camp-outs, or ‘backwards’ days) , I also love hot yoga, cooking, and have a passion for watching ice hockey (mostly for the fights!).

Q. What inspires you?

A. I am inspired by the strangest things – you should see my face light up in an attic or basement! Even a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s is fun – I look at supplies in an entirely different way.

Q. What are some of your favorite types of events to work on? 

A. Too hard to answer!  I love all social events, whether it’s a 1st birthday or Sweet 16, bat mitzvah or wedding.  They all have such meaning behind them.  Once I meet with a client, whatever theme or reason for the event, I get so excited from the start of brainstorming until the end of the event and always enjoy doing things others haven’t done before.

Q. What fashion possession do you most cherish?

A. That’s a good one.  I am usually so focused on everyone else’s needs, that I do not necessarily pay too much attention to this.  A hair tie always comes with me wherever I go, especially when I am coordinating an event, I am almost always pulling my hair back in a ponytail.  I also love my EOS.

Q. Who has been your greatest inspiration?

A. My family inspires me in great ways, every day.  My parents for their creativity – they have always had a talent for building, crafting, sewing, etc.  I’m sure some of their passion rubbed off on me – plus, they also have a gift for throwing great parties and events, and I have always appreciated what I witnessed and learned from them growing up, even today.  My husband and children for their silly personalities, their vast differences and for loving me and trusting me that this career is what I am meant to be doing.  Professionally, there are loads of incredible planners out there that inspire me, including Colin Cowie, Mary Dann, Marcy Blum, Sasha Souza and Mindy Weiss.

Q. What’s next for L.A. Productions Events?

A. Looking at working on a pilot TV show focusing on all types of special events – all the good moments – the love, support and strength – and none of the bad that has been popular with reality shows.  I want to inspire others.

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Portrait Credit: photo by Christina Bohn, hair by Nicole D’Angio