{the most loveliest} time of the year

December through February may be considered ‘down time’ for us in the wedding industry, but is quite busy on the engagement front.  The number of them tends to tick slightly upward this time of year, and perhaps you were or will be one of the lucky gals or guys to have your significant other ‘put a ring on it’.  There are typically a few days of euphoria – you take a crack at calling your future spouse your fiancé (has a nice ring to it, don’t it?) – you tell any family members or friends who may or may not have known the day was coming.  You update your Facebook status.  You Instagram a few angles of the ring (they did such a good job picking it out, after all).

And then – BAM – it hits you.  You’re getting married.  You buy the magazines.  You create a Pinterest pinboard titled ‘Our Wedding!’.  Your mother won’t leave you alone about the guest list.  Your sister doesn’t want to wear pink.  You love peonies but you want to get married in the fall.

The computer and internet have made getting married an experience like never before.  The industry trends are moving lightening fast.  You feel like you’ve been planning this day your whole life, yet when confronted with actually planning it, you don’t know where to start.

As someone who was once in this very situation, I can sympathize completely.  As someone who works in the industry, I can really, really, sympathize completely.  The most difficult position for both a newly engaged couple AND wedding vendors is not only information overload, but that the information, photos and advice you see and read on many wedding blogs and websites are not unique to where you are getting married, or even your budget.

Whether it’s the weather, flower availability, or unique locations – it’s hard to fit trends that are happening in other parts of the country into the hopes and desires for your own wedding.  Instead of finding a happy medium, I’ve seen so many couples completely compromise their wedding dream, because they don’t know how to combine unique ideas, with very deeply rooted Long Island wedding traditions.  This is usually the moment you exclaim ‘Ahhhh!  I just want to get married!  We should just elope!

So what am I trying to say?  I guess it’s that, you shouldn’t lose hope.  We are here to help you.  The popularity of ‘local’ – shopping, eating, manufacturing , etc. – has got us thinking about the wedding industry.  Heidi tells me of her earlier years in the floral business.  How at one time, roses (yes, ROSES), were grown and cut right here, on Long Island, and used in floral design.  This is completely foreign to me, but it shows the obvious shift that has affected so many industries – weddings included.

I can’t promise that locally grown roses will ever return, but I can promise to continue to sought after as-local-as-possible wedding inspiration.  We live here, we work here, and most likely, so do you – that’s probably how you found us.  We are not the local chapter of a much larger entity – we know what realistically works on Long Island, because we are here.  In the coming months, you will also notice a more personal approach to our posts – myself, Heidi and Christina are excited to share more than what you get from other wedding blogs and website.

Send us questions.  tell us your concerns.  If we don’t know, we know someone who does.  So take a deep breathe – feel better?  Good.