{sugar magnolias flowers} what we love: dusty miller

What is it: Dusty Miller
Color: blue/green/silver/gray
When can we get it: Year round!
Perfect for: bouquets, centerpieces

It’s a brand new year, and with it brought a big oil’ blanket of snow.  With so many storms under our belts, you’d think us Long Islanders would be used to the news that a blizzard is coming!  As usual, I hunkered down and prepared to exclude traveling for a day or so.  Since we are in our ‘off season’ I have the luxury to do so more than most.

Peaking out my window the next day, it immediately hit me that I had never brought in my potted dusty miller plants.  Incredibly resilient in cold weather, I left them on my porch, adding a bed of winter greens at their base.  Now they are also covered with snow, and eventually ice – but they still look beautiful, with their delicate lace leaves and silver-gray color.

{Above: Dusty miller works with so many color palettes, as well as many types of flowers.  Designs by Sugar Magnolias}

Not only is dusty miller a fun year-round plant in the garden, but it has made quite a resurgence in the floral design industry for its unique, beautiful hue.  Gray has been a popular color for the last few seasons, and dusty miller gives us an opportunity to use it alongside our favorite florals.

It compliments so many color palettes, from soft pinks and creams, to deep reds and purples.  Another reason it’s so loved? Due to its popularity, it is readily available for any season.  We’ve taken full advantage of it’s availability, and squeal with joy whenever it is requested!

{Above: Dusty miller takes the stage along with pink garden roses, pale pink stock, cream lisianthis, queen anne’s lace and white hydrangea.  Photo by Christina Bohn Photography, bouquet by Sugar Magnolias}