IMG_6754If someone ever needed a perfect example of work/life balance, one would have to look no further than Sugar Magnolias.

We were sort of built on the notion that there is a very blurred line between our work in the studio and our lives on the outside.  In many ways, it’s how we survive working countless hours during the summertime, including precious weekends.  It also makes floral and event design never feel like a job, which directly translates into the beauty of each wedding and the many wonderful relationships we develop with so many of our couples.


This year has been the truest testament to that lifestyle, when I had a baby girl in December.  Although we often joke that the entire pregnancy was perfectly planned around the wedding season, the biggest challenge would be balancing a new baby along with an unpredictable work schedule.

I’d like to think of us as a progressive workplace. Not only do our lives intertwine completely with what we do, but Heidi as a business owner and boss understood the challenges ahead and made sure we would not only survive the season, but available to give all the love and support I could ask for.


Julie, our seasoned Sugar Magnolias girl who left us shortly after finishing graduate school, came back to assist with flower prep and set-ups.  A mother of two herself, she knows just how tough it is to juggle new motherhood and working.  Heidi never flinched on days we couldn’t arrange childcare and had to tag our tribes along with us, which has also made for lots of fun photos of our kiddies around the studio (no doubt a child’s creative wonderland).  Throw in one new puppy too and yet together, we have tackled over 50 gorgeous events this year, and we are not even finished yet! IMG_5534

As the proverb goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, and I can think of no better example.  I also know how lucky we are to have one another and I couldn’t ask for a better example of love, support and girl power for my daughter as she grows.

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