When we think about the word marry as it pertains to the wedding industry, we first associate it with the actual act of marriage and taking someone as our spouse. We picture the ceremony, the reception, the details. We see ourselves forever joined in marriage.

There is, however, a second meaning of the word marry, even though it is not always the one we think of first. To marry, is to meet. To fit together. To combine. To blend. To connect. The word marry doesn’t begin or end with the act of marriage; you will find that you marry many things throughout your life.

When we first launched Marry Me Lovely, our goal was to share our local Long Island wedding inspiration. Continuing a blog about weddings became an uphill battle against other blogs that did so on a full time basis, We quickly realized that Marry Me Lovely was serving a very different purpose by giving each of us a way to connect with our favorite, like minded individuals. We found the sharing of our wedding ideas began to merge with many different celebrations of life.

We know you are forever bombarded with inspiration of all kinds. Today’s access to information is a beautiful thing. However, the question always remains: Is the inspiration tangible? Can we turn what we imagine into substance?

We are Marry Me Lovely. We are the who. We are not new to this whole wedding thing. We’ve learned the hard lessons and with our thirty plus years of celebration, we have seen almost every trend come, and then go. Our where is a quiet gem of a side street in Stony Brook where we all work with one another tuning beautiful ideas into realities. This becomes the what for all of you. We look forward to sharing our greatest experiences as we continue to watch our industry evolve and grow with LOVE.

Marry Me Lovely is our story.


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